Hello. If you are reading this you are test-editing my pictures. My first and most important requriement is that you give me a stabile edit that is the same every day, all year. If something is wrong I can tell you how to adapt. I dont have time to do this with a large desk who is using a new perseon every day for my pictures. I have myself 15years of experience editing real estate pictures but are running low on time and need to spend my time taking the pictures. Dont be afraid to ask about anything technical. If you can deliver what I need without me having to re-edit before delivering to my clients I can offer you a long term partnership with aprox 30-100 pictures daily, and up to 200 pictures dayly after a few months.

a1. I will allways deliver raw from camera and drone.
a2. I deliver pictures trough a onedrive link
a3. My color profile is adbobeRGB. Remember to have proper proofing when editing.
a4. I deliver pictures usually from about 1400 CET to 2000 CET.

B – RAW CONVERTION (lightroom or other converter)
b1. Try to get as much as possible out of the file. Use shadow/highligt active.
b2. I usually deliver 1exp with flash. If outside is to bright or I get a bad flash spot in the window I will send a extra file for the window. Sometimes I deliver 3exp HDR.
b3. Use exposure gradients. My flash will allways give brighter walls close to camera as I have the flash behind me.
b4. Use exposure brush to brighten areas far from the flash to even out the exposure.
b5. Use a exposure/highlight brush to help the image where there is uneaven exposure, example the window reflection in the floor.

C – EDITTING INSIDE (photoshop)
c1. Windows: If slightly visible outside from 1exp regular photo or 3exp hdr, please rescue highlights and add slightly blue sky. If window view is important I will add an extra picture for only windows. Nightshots inside, leave as is in windows.
c2. Straighten: Always straighten everything. (Exception on pictures tilted by a reason, as a detail).
c3. Flash spots: Please look out for my flash spots in windows, glass doors, picture frames etc. and try to edit. I will try to minimize at shooting.
c4. Shower cabinets: Edit if reflection of me is showing and try to remove the flash spots.
c5. Fire: Please add fire to all fireplaces and try not to make the black ovens to light if using shadow/highlight on the whole picture. Then use burn on black oven.
c6. Repair wall color: If the house as an example have wooden panel inside it will have a lot of color cast from the windows and lamps. Take then the orange color from a good place on the wall and use a color brush to really fast make the walls even in color. This is also great for the flash hitting to close in the panel roof. If panel is blown out from bad reflection, use some darken brush in same color to hide the worst.
c7. Remove hard colorcast from lamp on the walls but leave some color on the lamp so you see its on.

D – EDITING OUTSIDE (photoshop)
d1. Always blue sky. Keep the pictures slightly warm, no bluish shadows. I prefer a good amount of rising the shadows brighter but remember to keep up with blacklevel. If weather is foggy, be careful with the blue sky and the horizon, use a gradient. If weather is clear, be careful and mask out snow on roof, hills, trees, white houses and flagpoles to make a good tansition between the scy and the rest.
d2. Straighten: Always straighten everything. If straighten up a house, remember to also match ut the height.
d3.Dronephotos: My drone photos will have a raw filename like DJI_xxxx.DNG. If horizon is rotated it need to rotate straight. On some of the pictures you need to remove me and maybe the curious seller. I always drive a white car. If I can park on a parking spot you don’t have to remove it. But if I do park random on the side of the road outside the house I’m shooting, always also remove my car. I will park in a spot with just bushes, grass or asphalt so its super easy to edit it away.
d4. Fire: Please add fire to all outdoor campfire pans.
d5. If you see my footsteps in the snow, my shadow in the sun or any reflection in a surface from me, remove it.

e1. Send me resolution: 3750px x 2500px – srgb – Keep it under 5mb
e2. Color profile: Allways deliver in sRGB!
e3 Filename: Please only lowercase file ending like .jpg (not .JPG, then my clients server won’t take the pictures)
e4. Quality control. If a house has one kind of wood panel, make sure the color is matching in all pictures. Make also sure the outside pictures are the same ammount of color. The ground pictures need to match the drone pictures. Look at the pictures before you deliver and be critical to yourself.

f1. I delivery time is before 0200 CET it will be optimal.
f2. I pay monthly by paypal. Pleace send an invoice after each month with minimum 7days until due date.
f3. Sometimes I need virtual staging and de-clutter service if you want to deliver that.

g1. Always remove me and my car from pictures as a default. I will comment on job if car don’t need to be removed. If my car is parked in a public parkingspace you dont have to remove it, but for the most of the time its only parked in the ditch outside the house. I have a yellow vest. My car is white with a glass roof. If seller is beside me, remove also him.

g2. When editing interiors with wood panel, be careful and limit some of the red/orange as my example here:

g3. Example of an edit:

RAW image

1+2: This area gets too much flash. It needs to be used an EXPOSURE/HIGHLIGHT GRADIENT to pull it down. IMPORTANT
1: Areas hit with more flash than the rest of the room will have a colder light and you need to COLOR BRUSH the lighter floor to match. IMPORTANT!
3: Often will there be a flash spot in the ceiling. This needs to ALLWAYS be adjusted with EXPOSURE/HIGHLIGHT BRUSH.
4: Always fix colorcast from lamps and use a COLOR BRUSH with background color.
5: The far end of my rooms will every time be underexposed. I usually use my main lights behind me and since light decreases in accordance with a “one over r squared” relationship you need to EXPOSURE BRUSH up the back of the rooms.
6: Even if the picture is only a little of the vertical line is has to be corrected.
7: Add flame but if you rise the shadows in the picture as you probably have to do all the time, you need to exposure BRUSH or BURN down the black fireplaces so they look nice and black again.

This is my final result after about 1min of editing this raw image.